This web-site capitalise and organize experiences and activities carried out by the Chamber of Commerce of Venice in the frame of Interreg Programmes.

The activities are mainly addressed to SMEs and are consistent with several topics to be organized in the following steps:

a) support for the development of project ideas for product/service innovation;
b) support to attract investments;
c) support to develop business model&plans.

The platform is offered to all visitors and is freely available and downloadable by the users.


The Chamber promotes growth and innovation process of local companies operating in agriculture, industry, commerce and crafts sectors, providing services on different aspects: digitization, international growth, sustainable development, legal protection, intellectual property rights and mentoring service for innovative start-ups.
According to its mission, the Chamber provides assistance on “environmental topics”, particularly waste traceability. 

According to this competence, the staff is well experienced on eco-innovation and a dedicated service for SMEs interested to approach eco-innovation and Circular Economy has been developed and managed in agreement with the other Chamber of commerce of Veneto Region. Chamber has managed projects regarding technology transfer and innovation for competitiveness; sustainable and environmental development; research and innovation, testing tools, methodologies, services and innovative financial instruments for SMEs